Our Ampersand Photography

A few days ago my dear friend Jaime and I spent a little time in her neighbors home, and it was purely magical. This space was amazing, and Jaime's photos just blew me away (but who's surprised about that?). I'm always so amazed by her ability to capture such incredible imagery.  Check out the full set of photos and more of her work at OUR AMPERSAND PHOTOGRAPHY and SHE WORE IT ANYWAYS.

[I'm wearing old AE mens jeans that I cut off, thrifted shoes, bralette from Free People, and thrifted button up]

Shhhh, Secrets no more!

Keeping secrets kind of burns me alive (I'm good at it, but it kills me a little every day, ok?), so getting to tell you guys a secret basically makes my day. I want to start by telling you a story...

I met Jessica Fryar when I was five years old, and we looked like this (only even younger):
Jessica and I became best friends. We did everything together, and we were the absolute best at controlling the imaginary games the boys wanted to play (because they wanted to play monsters and we wanted to play Star Wars and get saved by Luke Skywalker. Easy decision, obviously). Our church had a huge pine tree that we climbed, to pretend that we were sailing in the clouds, or making our home in the stars. We built forts and created homes...complete with mood lighting (pinecones look like lights...sort of), centerpieces (evergreens guys, we were so hip), and the best pretend tea of every-sort-of-leaf-we-could-find EVER. We dressed up in outfits to rival Anna Dello Russo and styled hair for days. We were toothless together, and were in our first horse show at the same time; leadline class has never been so epic and we were 100% convinced that we all just did SO GOOD that everyone got a ribbon. 

Time passed and our lives parted ways for a bit as we grew up, but when Dirk and I moved back to the South we got together again, and even though we've grown up a bit since the little days, the dynamic duo didn't lose much and gained a lot (experience and a few cup sizes, mostly). So when Jessica approached me with the idea of a collaboration I was more than trilled, and put over the top when I realized that every single thing she said was EXACTLY what I care about pouring my time, energy and love into. So I'm super happy to introduce you guys to jes + em, a creative styling and design collaboration. We'll be launching our blog and site soon, so stay tuned! 

(Five year old photo via Jessica Fryar)