Featuring: Bee-a-porter

If you haven't figured it out by now, jewelry is pretty much one of my favorite things. I buy it obsessively (I'm a work in progress, alright), and I love the qualities it can carry. Everything can have emotional significance, but jewelry seems to have a special place in that category when it comes to the things we use to cover or adorn our bodies. It can speak of heritage, or memories, or pain or love or adventure. It's significant, whether only in the fact that it provides the detail, like illustrations wrought in color, or that it is in fact the story its self. Bottom line: jewelry sites can kind of eat hours of my life and I actually don't even feel guilty for it.

One of those sites that I just discovered recently is Beeaporter.com, based in New York, NY. They carry some lovely lines, including Meira T, Michael Michaud, and Tashi, and have a decidedly unique selection (read: visual feast/so much wanting). The founder, Brigitte, kindly sent over the above necklace (you should definitely read her story here, and check out her blog here), and I am IN LOVE. I styled it with some soft whites, but this piece could be worn with anything. I love how delicate it is, but with so much detail. It's a Meira T piece, made with silver and set with six tiny sapphires (it can be found HERE, and the micro product photos do a much better job showing off it's detail!).

Head on over and check out Bee-A-Porter and be prepared for some intense jewel lust.

[wearing Free People tee, thrifted silk blouse, H&M leather pants, and Guess cage heels]