When your money helps to heal: Trades of Hope

Extreme poverty, sex trafficking, war, and illness are only a few of the evils that many women around the world face. They're trapped, broken, hurting, and completely unable to escape, very often simply due to a lack of opportunity. Trades of Hope is an organization that is dedicated to trying to give these women a source of income and support. The organization is made up representatives in the U.S. who help to sell products made by struggling women in a variety of situations all over the world (you can go HERE to learn more about them). My friend Drew Dotson is an entrepreneur here in the U.S. and has done an amazing job spreading the message and work of this company.

These are the "Inca Earrings" made by women in extreme poverty in Peru. When I wear them I'm reminded of the hands that made them, and the story that they have to tell. Everything tells a story, somethings just bear a little more ache than others. It may just be me, but I'm so quick to ignore organizations like this. Because I feel so removed from the pain that my purchase is supposed to help I can sometimes believe that it doesn't matter at all. I've been rethinking that lately, and learning to remember that sometimes even the tiniest bit really does help. It really does lend its self to something better, or at least something moving in the right direction. Which is really a huge win. This little piece of jewelry isn't supporting sweatshop workers, or exploiting women, in fact it's a tiny drop in a big bucket fighting to end those things.

Please check out Drew's site and the products she carries HERE. There is a huge variety, and each piece carries meaning and value reaching far beyond each of us.

I styled these with an H&M button up from a clothing swap, H&M high waisted leggings (Here), 
and thrifted shoes.