Love Story: An Evening with Katch Silva Photography

This love is near, and wild, and subdued and passionate. And, as T.S. Eliot said, this love is silent. It's a beautiful aspect of familiarity, but I've found that sometimes, though not often, it's an excuse to fail to mark the memories of a life simply lived together. Dirk and I are terrible at being photographed together. We take pictures of each other, and of Jane, and of those around us, but we rarely make sure that there is a visual marker of our lives together. In fact, our wedding day was the last time we had any set of photos dedicated just to us, so when we got an opportunity to hang out with photographer Katch Silva and her husband Cory and have some photos taken a few weeks ago, I was super excited. Seeing these images has been a beautiful experience for both of us. Katch is amazing and so good at what she does, her ability to capture a moment is incredible. Make sure you check out her site and set aside some time to browse, your time will be well spent. You can also see a few more photos of us HERE.

We went to Sunset rock, on Lookout Mountain, and it was just so incredibly beautiful. Although I absolutely hate heights, I love the wildness and freedom in those moments when you feel that you might possibly just be on top of the world. 

I'm wearing all Free People, from several seasons ago.