Thigh High to the Rescue

Today it was snowing, while the sun simultaneously shone, and the fresh green pollen was blown off the trees. It was one of those freak of nature, Southern spring days that just doesn't have a category for my brain to put it in, and obviously doesn't need one. Thankfully my American Apparel thigh high socks arrived today, so I could get away with dressing like a big cozy bum and still feel completely cool and hip. This outfit is my manifestation of "my brain is confused, I don't know if it's winter or summer" situation so if you don't like it, I'll blame it on that. If you do like it then I was totally going for this look. I didn't actually leave the house today, but if I had I would totally have added the riding boots and this draped coat. And probably some lacy nylons under the thigh highs, but like I said, going out was purely theoretical today. I spent the day staring at a computer, drinking coffee, reading toddler books, and trying to get a 2 year old to stop yelling at me every time I don't respond to her the first time.

Speaking of two year olds, this girl is growing up so so fast. Every now and then I have a moment where I realize how much she's changed and today was one of those days. She called her daddy to try to talk him into taking her to get a chocolate milkshake after dinner, and it just about made me melt. I wanted someone to call just to be like "oh my gosh, she just had an ACTUAL conversation on the phone!!" Her newest thing is pretending to be a doctor and wanting to fix my "boo boos." She always "finds" one, and then says "OH NO! You have a BOO BOO!" because you know, drama and all. Then she has to kiss it and go get a "bam bam" (bandaid, guys). Best. Thing. Ever.

  Wearing H &M shirt, Gap cutoffs, American Apparel Polyester blend Thigh High Socks, Rockport boots, handmade vintage coat. Necklaces from Fredonia Provisions for women, J. Crew,  and gift from my family from India.