The Style Rut Diaries

I'm over layering clothes, and I'm tired of the clouds. I'm dying to wear my spring dresses and I want to bear my arms. I'm in an official style rut. So I bought this hat. Because I thought it was cute, and I'm about 2 years late on the trend, and somehow I felt like it would help things. I don't know if it really has or not, because now I'm just stuck in a "I'm going to wear this hat EVERY SINGLE DAY" rut. Which is probably not any better. Spring, come soon.

These photos are shot inside our bedroom, which is quickly become one of my favorite rooms in our home. We painted one wall this really deep charcoal, and added hints of texture in textiles and prints and airy white. This room has begun to tell a story of rest, and rejuvenation, and creativity and long talks and friendship. It lends its self to dreaming and peace, without ultimate perfection, and I love that.

Wearing Free people top, Forever 21 hat and jeans, and Anne Klein booties. Necklaces via Anthropologie, J. Crew, Blue Skies Chattanooga, and Etsy (I can no longer find the artists store).