My first time: Salon style updos

I absolutely love beautiful hair styles. I think hair can change a look so much, from edgy to elegant, from effortless to polished, it can be as simple as altering the placement of a few pins and mastering a few braids. However, when it comes to hair, in spite of it's importance, I'm an uber DIY-er, and tend to err on the side of low (LOW) maintenance. Basically, I've got a few braids and twists under my belt and I've felt like I was pretty accomplished. I didn't even have my hair done on my wedding day. My first experience with any real styling came when I worked on the Hunger Games, and although it was crazy, and wild and super couture, I did suddenly realize that I was seriously lacking in the amazing hair stylist department. So today, I lost my styled hair virginity, and guys, it was amazing. I went to Jennifer (who also cuts my hair, and is just the sweetest girl ever. She also manages to give me my FAVORITE hair cut ever, every single time. Winning right there), at STUDIO 59, which is an amazing Aveda salon, and this is the magic I walked out with. I love how versatile and intricate this look is. So springy and elegant. I might be slightly hooked now. I've always went to Studio 59 for my cut and color (the latter being like, ages ago, because did I mention how much I like low maintenance?), but they might just be seeing a bit more of me now. Hair stylists are geniuses guys. They also have amazing Aveda tea. Win win situation, right?!

Also, I'm finally breaking out the spring outfits, because I'm so tired of winter it's ridiculous. Even if it is just 65 degrees outside. Pants from Forever21, Top from Urban Outfitters, and shoes from Guess.

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