Southern Snow

If you guys haven't noticed by now, over the last couple of days we got quite a lot of snow (by southern standards) down here in the South. It was beautiful, and peaceful. I forgot how much snow settles my soul, to spite that fact that I had more than my fair share when living in the North West. While I don't exactly miss digging my car out of snow drifts, or chaining up, I do miss the rest and silence it brings. There really is space to hear, and feel, and sense differently when all of the world is hidden and swathed in white. I miss the late night walks through a strangely quiet world, and the glow of light on a neutral palette. Fires seem warmer, lights glow brighter, and sounds carry like songs when the world is like that.

Right in the middle of our snow day my friend Jaime texted me and asked if I wanted to go take some pictures, and I am SO happy she did. She's a badass photographer and person all around, with the best sense of style. We had the best time for the total 30 mins we lasted in the cold. Also, her poncho is to die for, RIGHT?! You can check out her photography page HERE, and her kickass style blog HERE.

(wearing american eagle dress, H&M poncho, Boots by Samantha Pleet for Wolverine 1000 mile collection, necklace by Jami Rodriguez. Flower crown by MAY FLOWERS)