A Vintage Affair

(Wearing Vintage 70s sundress and vintage handmade dress)

I absolutely love vintage. I love the style, the look, the glamour, and the timeless feel of it. I love that vintage clothes were so well made and that I can see that when I look inside, or when I feel the fabric. However, as a general rule, i don't fee like vintage really loves me. I struggle with getting many cuts to look flattering on my body (at least without my own personal seamstress) and feel pretty prone to the frumpy look over the super cool and chic look. During high school I went through an uber vintage phase, and while some of my look was a win, I'm pretty sure that most of it was a pretty big fashion fail. However, given the fact that I still adore the idea, my resolution this year is to give it another, big girl attempt. The only vintage wear I still own are these two dresses, a handful of coats and furs, and the skirt featured in CROP TOPS AND FLORAL. So here's to a new year, and new attempts! Viva la Vintage!