Party Rock

If you haven't gathered it by now, I love the holidays, and I'm pretty sure that half the reason for that is that I have so many excuses to pull out all of my fun dresses and over the top heels. During the holidays you can pile on the glitter, sparkles, and red lips for days and no one bats an eye. It's awesome. Show up at a party looking like the spice girls? it's cool, we all think you meant to do that! It's the season when my tendency to be constantly over dressed is perfectly socially acceptable, and I believe in jumping on that with gusto.

I love mixing silver and gold (don't be afraid to break "style rules"!), and this necklace is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I found it at a tiny flea market set up on the green in Oxford England. Oxford stole a little piece of my heart, and I desperately wanted to find some tiny part of it to take with me. On my last day there my mom and I stumbled upon the market while on a walk in the drizzling rain. I found this piece in a booth with a charming old man dressed all in plaid with a pierced ear. He was such a charming badass type and I loved the piece, so I was sold. I have no idea what it actually is (if you know, please tell me!), but I got it for 10 pounds, and a little bit of chain and a clasp later it's become a piece I adore. It's like wearing a bit of nostalgia and memory around my neck, which means more to me than all the diamonds in the world.

Wearing Free People The Holly's Shift Dress, and Jeffrey Campbell Platform.

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