Taken from the Equestrians

Wearing H&M dress, H&M sweater, and Ariat field boots. Jane is wearing Anthropologie hat (no longer available), and H&M dress and sweater (also no longer available). Similar here and here.

I've been loving layering sweaters over dresses this fall. You can get basically the same look with a pencil skirt, but I don't actually own one that fits me right now and I love the fact that this dress doesn't ride up. No wiggle-pull-it-back-down dance is totally fine with me. Fall weather always feeds my already rampant cozy knits addiction so I've pretty much settled into the fact that every outfit I wear for the next three months will probably include some sort of sweater, and you know, I think I'm ok with that (side note, I realize how desperate my situation has gotten when I got a second chance at a new anthropologie sweater that I had lost in an intense bidding battle on ebay. I freaked out like a little girl. Yeah). These boots are actually my riding boots that Dirk bought for me for my birthday last year. As it turns out, when you no longer ride your horse for five hours a day these boots don't just break themselves in. Who knew. My new goal for the fall is to get some non-horse oriented use out of them without totally looking like I just walked out of the stable.  J.Crew is offering so great inspiration for the "I smell like a horse but I look sexy as all get out" this fall so maybe it won't be a total failure. 

Jane and I went outside for our afternoon ritual of playing in the yard yesterday and I shot some of these photos of her. She's totally into playing with her "hubble" (shovel) and "pulling" (pushing) me in the swing. I love getting to know her as she changes and grows. She seals every conversation with an emphatic "OOO-KAY!" right now, because she just learned the word and feels the need to use it in any situation where it's even remotely appropriate. Her vocabulary is exploding and the more she is able to tell me the more my heart melts. This girl has always been FIERCELY independent: she barely cried when I weaned her, and informed me that she no longer needed my help to fall asleep when she was 8 months old. She was born trying to grow up. I was the exact same way, so I have some grace for her wild little heart, but the first time she told me that I made her "happy" I still cried a few tiny happy tears inside. Motherhood is a crazy thing guys. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful week!