Kinfolk Herbal Infusions Workshop



I love experiences that evoke emotions and leave lasting imprints in my soul. The ones that linger, brought back to life by a smell, or a sound, or the thought of some sweet moment, connected by it's mere thinking to another. For me, these moments tend to bear a common theme: they are beautiful, creative, sometimes wild, relational, or a joyous mixture of all. Saturday night I experienced one of those the form of a Kinfolk herbal infusion workshop. It was the last place I would have expected to have that experience, but then, I do know that there seems to be something not quiet common place about these gatherings. Jessica, Rachel, and I walked in expecting to feel the usual tension that exists in a room full of people that you really know nothing about, but rather found ourselves in a gathering that felt far more like family. I soon began to realize that this group of people made you feel as though you had been friends forever, which is a unique and soul quieting gift. The space was beautiful, and smelled of rosemary and eucalyptus. Hosted by Beth Kirby, Hannah MessingerSarah Cooper, and Rebekka Seale we meandered through the afternoon and evening infusing our own salt, sugar, olive oil and bourbon, sipping rosemary bourbon hot cider with melted butter, and finally gathering back around a beautiful table to share a savory meal of lamb with beat and grapefruit salad. Everything was done perfectly. I felt like I was hanging out on the set of a styled shoot, which also happened to be my best friends kitchen. It was the perfect marriage of effortless beauty and complete comfort. We left feeling warm, full, inspired, and that a lot of new friends had just become very dear to our hearts.

If you'd like to see more photos check out jes + em on instagram, or search for hashtag #kinfolkworkshop. Jaimie Smialek, of Our Ampersand Photography also did a lovely photo blog that can be found here. Beth's blog post with the recipe for our cocktails that evening (which were incredible!) can be found on West Elm's Design Blog, along with a pretty unflattering picture of yours truly, and a beautiful picture of Jessica. Also, I would totally encourage you to click through and check out our lovely hosts. These ladies are AMAZING.

For more info on Kinfolk, or Kinfolk events check out Kinfolk.