Come Inside My Home: A Peek at My Design Process

This is a shot from my dining area, a place that I've been using to stage a lot of stylized photos lately. Looking at spaces in my home as places to shoot photos has made me view some of the smaller spaces in a different light than I have before, and I thought I would let you in on my design process a bit. I've always felt that every space you enter has an atmosphere to it, the deciding factor is what that atmosphere says about the space. I grew up with parents who were very aware of the atmosphere they created in their home, and the design and decor of the spaces we lived in reflected that. My mom had an eclectic, colorful style, and my dad a formal and traditional taste. The spaces that came of that mix were lovely, dynamic, and comfortable. My own style and taste ended up being different than both of theirs (although I carry some pieces of both), but I was instilled with their care for design and experience in the spaces we live in.

I'm a very visual person, so I find that I've always started with some pictures in my head that just HAVE to come out on paper (guys, I was sketching my parents landscaping...while they had a professional landscaper working for them, just because it made me so damn happy to draw plans for how things would look. I was all of...7? Part of my happy place right there). I usually sketch a design, with basic structures and scales, and then add color. This is my preliminary design for our living room:

These sketched don't have color because I knew I was using a very easy neutral color pallet with lots of leather. Having a something on paper helps me stay focused when I'm actually furnishing a space, because I'm basically the most ADD shopper ever. I want all the things, all the time. This is the actual room when finished (with a "before" photo first. Our home was a renovation project on a historic 1920 house in St. Elmo, a neighborhood near downtown Chattanooga).

I was going for a look that was comfortable and timeless. I didn't want it to be too feminine or masculine, and I wanted it to showcase the old pieces of our home. I'm not sure if I pulled it off, but I do love the "feel" of the space. I love spending time there, and it feels like home. I think the walls DO talk in any space, and I'm hoping mine have at least a few nice things to say.

On a different note, I want to say thank you guys all so much for the love and support you've shown! Starting a blog was a pretty big leap for me and it's incredibly encouraging.

*Edit: it was brought to my attention that I should add a "before" space photo, the post is updated with that addition.