Meaningful Ink

This is Seth, and he's my brother. I also have a younger brother named Sam that 
I'm sure I'll introduce you to soon, but for now I want to tell you about Seth. 
We grew up as best friends, something that I think is actually rather rare. He was 
born when I had just turned three, and though I certainly remember a year of trying 
to steal his newly born spotlight, and plenty of typical sibling fights, we still got 
along the majority of the time. We did everything together. The years went by, and 
not much changed. He actually works with my husband now, and is temporarily 
renting a room from us. So when he told me that he would like me to design a tattoo 
for him I was both flattered and a bit nervous. Last year I designed a tattoo for my 
mom for her birthday, which was a great experience, and somewhat new for me. 
I had never experienced art as being particularly permanent. None of the art I had 
ever experimented with personally was "etched in stone" so to speak. It was always 
possible to change, or do away with something I didn't like. The idea of a piece of 
my art being permanently on someones body was different for me, but also very 

Seth liked the look of an old compass, but also loved geometric designs, so I decided 
to try to marry the two ideas. 

The sketch on the left was the first rough drawing, and the one on the right is the final design. 

Seth went to Lynn Buckner at Main Line Ink as well, who of course did an amazing job bringing this to life. Seth also had the other tattoo on his chest done by Lynn a year or so ago (not my design). 

I love how this turned out, and the fact that Seth loves it means so much to me. 
I love the way that permanent body art functions as a living breathing canvas of a life.