Guest Bloggers, The Happy Hunters!

Hi guys! Today I have a guest blog that I'm super excited to share with you. The Happy Hunters are two lovely ladies (Elise and Katie) with a flare for all things beautiful. You definitely need to check them out at The Happy Hunters Blog where they share some amazing adventures, food, and DIY's. Since Halloween is just around the corner (as in two days around the corner) they're sharing a tutorial for the best forest animal masks ever (I mean really, how amazing are these?!). Enjoy!

This is the story of  "A Forest Animal's Classy Halloween Party."

Once upon a time, a fox, wolf, cat, rabbit, deer, and what was supposed to be a bat, but really just turned into what we now call "the ambiguous forest animal" were all having a Halloween party and it was great. The end.
Ok, it was actually just some friends in masks at a Halloween party. You can see pictures of the party tomorrow on The Happy Hunters! For now, we want to show you how to make these masks. You can copy these designs exactly, or just use them as a starting point. Either way, it's a fun project, and we were thrilled with how they turned out!
To achieve that "forest animal" look you will need:
  • Card-stock paper - easy to work with, but still stiff enough to keep the shape!
  • Ribbon
  • Paint chips - free from Home Depot or a similar hardware store. Score.
  • Scissors
  • Pencil - for tracing
  • BLING - stick-on rhinestones, glitter glue, metallic pens, glitter, stickers, feathers, paint, colored pencils, markers, WHATEVER YOU WANT. I like to keep it just paper and shine. But, you can use fabric for the accents, or just color-in wherever you want.
1. DESIGN and PLAN. I say that because I am naturally a planner, but I liked having the designs ready before I got my supplies so that I didn't have to buy anything I wouldn't need, or have to go out again to get something I didn't have enough of! I changed a few things along to way, but for the most part, I stuck to my designs.
Cut out your mask (we provide a rough template here that worked pretty well for us!). As you can see, the fox, wolf, and bat thing have slightly different shapes than the others (and the template), but you can play around with what you like.
2. Add paper accents. This took a lot of tracing to make sure the pieces fit along the curve of the outline and eyeholes of the mask. Once I did a couple it got a little easier! You can add all kinds of accents here - rosy cheeks (on the cat and rabbit), whiskers, eyelashes, pink in the ears, noses, stripes, fur, etc! You can be as detailed or simple as you like! Once I had everything cut out, I used a hot glue gun to put it all together.
3. BLING. The fun part. I used glitter glue for little lines here and there, and stick-on rhinestones.

4. Add ties. We hole-punched each side and threaded a piece of ribbon through each side (You end up actually tying four end pieces of ribbon together in the back. This way there are no bows or ties in the front on the mask).
Here's the template! We hope you have a great time making yours! Happy creating!