Farewell to Sin City: reflections via Instagram

Hello All! I know I've been a little MIA lately, but I think a good vacation is always a great excuse. Dirk and I flew back from Vegas on Tuesday, which is a story in and of it's self, considering the fact that we were both convinced we were staying another day until I woke up Tuesday morning and decided to check our flights on a whim. Thank Goodness. The sad think is, I can't even blame it on "a crazy time in Vegas!" or something...we are officially old people (obviously), because we literally never managed to stay out past 12 am, and that only happened once. Earliest bedtime to date was 7:30. As in, P.M. We're so mature it's pathetic. Also, I completely forgot to use my camera while we were there so we'll have to stick with Vegas through the eyes of Instagram.

I had never been to the Strip before, so the whole experience was different for me. My impression was reminiscent of a trip to Disney World, only that it's the adult version. The Strip felt isolated from the real world, running like a well cogged machine behind all of the glamour and lights and smoke. I don't even mean this as a negative thing, only that it is what it is, so to speak. You get the idea that you're in a little world that is meant to be a utopia for any average joe over the age of Twenty-One. People go to Vegas to forget, to live, and to die. However, we went there to be adults, alone, for one of the first times in our adult lives, and as it turns out there's a piece of Vegas for that too.

I'm not going to tell you that it was all perfect and rosy and that there wasn't a glitch the whole trip, but it was lovely, and relaxing and fun. We spent a day at the spa, getting a romantic couples massage, which we were unfortunately fighting during (but it's still the best massage I've ever had). We spent hours just SLEEPING IN, which is only amazing enough to deserve all caps when the sweetest little alarm clock wakes you up every single morning no matter what. We spent more than our fair share of time by the pool, blowing our entire bank account on pina coladas (ok, not our entire bank account), and just being friends together. We went out at night and I watched Dirk gamble because I really just want shoes and I can't imagine throwing my shoe fund into a card game that I don't really understand even when there's no money involved. Ultimately it was glorious, not in spite of the reality of life but because of it. My mother heart ached a bit, and I was so happy to see my girl when we got home, but I didn't realize how much I needed a week with Dirk alone until we were there, and I remembered what it meant.

I hope you all are having a lovely week!