Fall Walks, With Squirrels and Life Lessons

Squirrel Watching Post

I love the times of the year when you can't help but hear, and feel, and smell change in the air. It always makes me feel incredibly alive. As if the fresh perspective makes all the world feel brand new, and waiting to be lived in. We finally had our first really cool day today, so jane and I celebrated it with chocolate and tea and an hour long walk around the neighborhood in which we only made it two blocks. 

We left our house, turned the corner (but only after Jane waved a very enthusiastic "bye house!"), and promptly had to stop in the neighbors yard so Jane could squirrel watch. She asked me to sit with her, and and after an initial thought that was very close to "do we have to sit here on the street and talk about squirrels? Is it obvious that I'm your mother? Heaven forbid that someone think I'm actually interested (whoa adolescent insecurity, where did you come from after all these years?!), I was struck by how silly it all sounded (and more than a little shocked that I even thought it), because this was what really matters. But I think otherwise all of the time. Of course I was interested, I could sound out "squ-err-el" all day long if her little lips were trying form it too. I could listen to the stumbling sentences and the ceaseless questions because this was Jane discovering the world  she was trying to learn to live in, and I was the one person who got the privilege of showing her what I know of it, by her side, each and every day. So we sat in the edge of the neighbors yard, talking and laughing and looking, until she decided that she was done, celebrated with a huge "BYE KERR-ELL!" from the squirrels most avid fan girl. 

(Jane is wearing H&M Sweater, skinny jeans, and knee high socks.)

Because who doesn't want to see a mini peacock?!
 (but she's 100% sure she chose an Owl, don't tell her otherwise)