The Messy Topknot

This is my go to everyday updo, mostly because it's just so easy and fast (with the added bonus of looking super effortless chic!). To start this hairstyle it's best if your hair hasn't just been washed (which is really true of most any hair style), but if it has, or if you happen to have super fine hair like I do, just spray a liberal amount of dry shampoo on the roots and work it in. There are other products that are designed to make clean hair workable too, but I've tried a lot of them and dry shampoo is still the best thing I've used.

1. Start by raking your hair into a messy ponytail (don't secure it), raking the front slightly to one side. I usually pull it closer to my crown as opposed to right on top of my head, just because I think it's more flattering to my facial structure. Play around with it! Don't worry about strays or if it looks messy, you can clean it up once it's secured and you'll still maintain the "messy but not too much" look. 2. Start twisting the hair in your hand. As it gets tighter begin rolling it into the shape of a bun (for a messier look you can backcomb the ponytail part of the hair before twisting it). 3. Once all of the hair is rolled up tuck the ends underneath and secure with a hair pin. 4. Pin until it feels secure, always pinning close to the base of the bun so your knot doesn't get a flat look. 5. Secure fly-aways and spray generously with hair spray.

And you're done!