Tattoos Forever

Lets get one thing out of the way: I love tattoos. I'll probably never be that girl covered in ink, but I've always loved the idea of permanent art or symbolism on the body (I had an ongoing fight with my parents that spanned most of my childhood over my unbreakable habit of drawing doodles on my arms). However, as an adult I was a little slower to take the plunge and get a tattoo. Partially because it was you know, FOREVER, but mostly because I had never actually seen good tattooing. But when Channel and Dior started putting temporary tattoos on their runway models my interest was piqued. I thought it was stunning visually, and I wondered if the actual tattoo world was that artistically inclined. Lo and behold, I was severely unaware of the artistry and talent in the wide world of ink. I was sold from that point on. I got two small tattoos several years ago, but I've been playing around with designs for more for the last year or so, and last week I finally had them done. 

I went to Lynn Buckner at Main Line Ink Tattoo Parlor, in Chattanooga's Southside district ( He's an amazing artist, who takes his work seriously and also happens to be incredibly good at it. I wasn't disappointed. I got an antler on my forearm, because I simply thought it looked good visually (and maybe because it's a little badass). And a line from a Carl Sandburg poem called Young Sea, that says "The sea speaks, And only the stormy hearts Know what it says." It's been one of my favorite poems for years. I'm pretty sure the sea has lots of things to say and I want to remember to hear them. I'll add more to this particular tattoo, but this is where I'm starting. I also had my wedding band with three small dots which is partially just practical, but ended up being something I really love visually. 

My brother Seth also had me design a piece for him (I'll show you the finished product soon!) and I have to say, it certainly means a lot to see him walk around with a piece of something I drew (with Lynn's skill bringing it to life) on his arm forever. Siblings are special, and it's forgotten too easily. 

Happy Monday everyone!