Ode to long weekends

Wearing Lucky Brand Sweatpants, Old Bandeau. Jane wearing, Urban Outfitters tube top, altered, H&M pants, 
baby Zara trainers. 

I love weekends, and long weekends are even better. This one has consisted of practically living in my favorite Lucky Brand sweats that I got from my mom, lots of coffee and cocktails, plenty of long family cuddles in the bed in the mornings, a trip down to my parents farm for a beautiful dinner, designing my next tattoo (I'll tell you more about that soon!), and watching Dirk take Jane on a daddy daughter date that was just about the cutest thing ever. Jane got all dressed up and carried this vintage purse like she thought she was queen of the world. My. Heart. MELTS.

This weekend was particularly quiet, and restful, which feeds my soul. I rediscovered old books and sat with Dirk listening to a babbling little 19 month old try her very very best to tell us something very very important. She's got the simple things down, but for the last two weeks she's been convinced that she has completely mastered the English language...which means that she now talks non stop in paragraphs and is completely heartbroken when we can't understand what she's saying. It's incredibly cute...and frustrating in the same breath. Life is beautiful.