A Farewell to Summer

Yesterday Jane and I went down to my parents house to spend what will mostly likely be our last day at pool before the cool winds of fall start to blow. Going to the pool is an activity that Jane talks about passionately every single day by saying "Pooooool!" mixed in with a lot of words I can't understand, but I get the drift that she likes it. In light of this, there was no way on earth we were missing the last day of hot sun and blue water.

My parents house is on the farm where I grew up, so memories are kept constantly alive. I love going back and walking the paths I cantered down, bareback and barefooted, on my little horse as a kid. I love the smell of hay and green grass and the sound of running water from the creek. It inspires me and revives my soul, so what better place to say goodbye to this long sweet summer. I'll miss the smell of honeysuckle, and the warm sun on my skin, the afternoon ice cream sharing on the back porch, and fresh peaches. You've been good to me this year, dear summer. I've found some little pieces of me that were lost in your sweet breeze, and lost some others that are better off gone. And now, I'm ready to welcome falls touch, when it comes. To take my toes out of the grass and break out the sweaters and blankets and warm socks for my feet. To trade in ice cream with Jane for hot coco by the fire. Come take me cool wind, I'm ready for you now.

(Wearing Free People Dress)