That One Time, in Germany

About a year and a half ago Dirk, Jane and I went on a trip to Europe with my family. Jane was all of four months old and we trucked all over England, France, Germany and Italy with our less than perfect stroller and a family of suitcases that all weighed a ton (it really didn't seem like a lot until we tried to get all of our crap and a screaming child onto the first train. Right. Immediate regret for packing 15 pairs of shoes). And I would love to show you pictures of me, wearing all of those beautiful clothes that I drug around, but I mostly recycled the only shirt I could quickly get to my leaky boobs in...on a train full of commuters. New mom fashion fail at it's finest right there. However, in spite of all of the chaos, and the jet lag, and a baby that began to scream "feed me now!" in a very QUIET tour of Neuschwanstein Castle, it was beautiful. And if it wasn't already worth it just for that, the German food and beer definitely sealed the deal. I would show you a picture of that too but I ate it too fast to document.