Sparkles Make Everything Better

Wearing Forever 21 top (see last post for link to similar), American Eagle Mens jeans, and Nasty Gal Flashback Pump in Prism

Happy Monday! Jane spent the weekend in Atlanta with her grandparents this weekend so Dirk and I had several days to ourselves. We slept in like college students, and alternated between eating like them too (read Coco puffs. Gross, I know) and splurging like true adults. It was great.

This outfit is mostly centered around these amazing shoes (I'm pretty sure I plan half of my outfitts around my shoes...). They're from Nasty Gal (which I LOVE) and they're on sale now (so go grab a pair!). The jeans are a pair I found in my little brothers "too small" box, which equals perfect boyfriend jeans! I think this same look would be lovely (and classed up a bit) with a longer cut crop black polo neck.