Raining in the sun

                                Lucky brand shirt, baby gap pants

I posted this picture on Instagram today but I also wanted to share it here. Mostly because I have more words to say than a socially appropriate Instagram post allows, but also because I'm being an absolute kid spammer today and think this face is the best. I was sitting on our front steps today watching Jane excavate the yard looking for rocks to add to her ever growing collection when it started to rain. But it was one of those really beautiful summer showers where the sun is shinning through making all of the drops look like curtains of silver. I pointed this out to Jane and she turned to me and just gasped. The biggest, most astounded gasp you ever saw. I just happened to have my phone out and took this picture. It hit me a moment later: the realization that this tiny little thing, that I would barely take notice of now, was absolutely amazing to her. Sure, I don't know how much she understands, but the moment was still meaningful to her. William Wordsworth once said that "our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting" (Imitations of Immortality, 60), and I think that in at least some way he is right. I've forgotten how wonderful really seeing things for the first time was, and I know I can never see it that way again. I remember the first time I actually saw it rain in the sunlight; I was all of two and a half. My mom and I were sitting on the couch in an old log Cabin we lived in on our farm. My mom pointed it out through the window and I remember feeling like I had just been witness to one of the most amazing phenomenons ever. I was completely in awe. I'm sure it will never hold that same glorious feeling again, but watching Jane discover her world has brought back a whole new focus on the small, insignificant, deep down things.