Black on Black on Black: Late Summer Wants

                      Splendid Cotton Slub Jersey Track Pant, Zara Strappy Top, Jimmy Choo Pumps, Zara City Bag, Another Feather Cuff(s)

I'm a total sucker for black on black, and I love layering on multiple textures with it. It's always my go-to outfit (when I'm late and my closet suddenly looks completely empty, with is about 90% of the time), and because it offers so many possibilities with so little effort. I love how classic and polished wearing all black can make you look, while still being super easy and comfortable. That being said, this outfit is my dream travel/flights/go out/do anything in ensemble for late summer and early fall. I love the sport influence showing up over the last few years (because I can get away with wearing sweat pants out and still look like i'm trying! absolute celebration happening over here), and doing a track pant in black is a super easy way to bring in a laid back sporty touch and still look polished. Add a feminine blouse and a classic pump and it's a win win situation. I also love to add gold accents with black (they just stand out so nicely), and these cuffs from Another Feather are perfect (p.s. check her out! Her Jewelry is stunning and I'm just saving my pennies to add one of her pieces to my collection).